Increasing software quality and accuracy using automation

Increasing software quality and accuracy using automation
December 23, 2019

With rapid changes in technology and industry needs, new tools can be used to improve the methods used to ensure software quality until recently. Instead of asking a system administrator or a software provider to identify system risks and write a plan to mitigate and test these risks, new tools can be used to analyze systems, identify high-risk elements and suggest ways to mitigate and test these risks.

When using automatic, computer-based analysis of systems, the validation and/or assurance process gains several significant benefits:

·        Speed - faster end to end process, just hours instead of weeks

·        Accuracy - reduces human errors to a minimum; repeatable tedious activities are performed automatically

·        Credibility and consistency - outputs are generated every time a verification required, not dependent on staff capabilities, knowledge or availability

·        Insights - provides more insights on a system’s setup, thus enhancing assurance of the real time status and automatically identifying changes made to it

·        Cost effective - automation reduces validation costs and work can be done by fewer employees

The traditional computer system validation approach relied heavily on system administrators’ and consultants’ knowledge, experience and own assessment of risks and potential issues. With automatic computer-based analysis, the knowledge, time and focus of these professionals is used where it is most required - development and implementation - not in creating ‘idiot proof’ tests or testing elements which are not likely to cause critical issues. Final validation documents are still subject to changes and approval by qualified employees and/or consultants.

About Validify

Validify Inc. is a Salesforce partner, the vendor of Validify, a Salesforce application that automates the risk analysis and computer system validation (assurance) processes for regulated companies, managing their product related processes on the Salesforce platform. Validify is an automated solution providing risk analysis of any Salesforce org and generating all necessary verification and validation documents based on risk and other predefined, configurable parameters. Validify also provides a real-time status of your org’s compliance and identifies changes in your org automatically.

About the author

Ido Raz is a Co-Founder and CEO of Validify, a cloud technology and Salesforce enthusiast, former CTO of a Salesforce application company and PMP certified. With years of experience in Salesforce, design & delivery of compliance solutions for regulated industries.

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